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zen cats

In the Zen traditions, the observing of a cat is a practice into the realms of enlightenment. Many who engage in meditation, seek to deepen their personal insight by noticing how a cat stretches, breathes, reacts when disturbed. They pay close attention to the cat's remarkable balance, constant alert attention, the ease in which the cat flows with its surroundings.

When possible, spend a few moments in the presensce of a cat. No judgement, no imitation. just simply let the cat be a cat, and for the cat to simply be with you.

This is one of the great practices on the gateless path.

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KK Rian
KK Rian
May 15, 2022

So wild how people migrate towards dogs, cats etc. Personally, I'm a dog person, because I can't figure out the felines. They seem to be in their own little world.

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