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What is a Medium & how do they 'read' people?

A medium is a person who acts as an intermediary between this life and the afterlife. A medium interprets, dissects and processes information from someone who has passed and presents this information to those who are living. Sensitive to the energy of those who have passed, a medium translates accurate messages and information to family members.


You will find all the information you need about Robert’s private readings and how much they cost by going to the top of this page and selecting “Private Readings”.


Is my reading guaranteed?

In a group setting, readings are not guaranteed. In a group setting Robert will try to communicate with as many as he can. In a private setting, the readings are more focused because you and your loved ones are not competing within a group setting. Guarantee is not a word that Robert will ever use at any time. Energy is just that energy. It’s intangible to the human eyes and ears, but the focus is totally different in a private setting.


Is there an age limit for Robert's readings?

Robert recommends at least 16 years old because even though that child may seem like an adult or act “adult like” they still only have the emotional system of a 16 year old. A reading with Robert is very intense and you need to be mentally ready for it.


Should I tell Robert who I am interested in trying to get in touch with and/or give a short history of my past?

No! If you are contacting us about a private reading please DO NOT disclose who died, when, how etc. It’s not fair to you and Robert does not want to know the details, as they will come out in the reading.


Does Robert appear at any other locations?

Robert makes many special appearances each week at selected Restaurants and Theaters in the New York area. We do not take reservations for restaurant events, please contact the restaurant directly to reserve your seat. This is a great opportunity to enjoy dinner and experience Robert’s unique Psychic gifts. 

To see a list of those upcoming events, click HERE.


Is Robert available for Private Readings?

Robert does offer private readings, both in person and over the phone. Please do not email us for a private reading, contact Robert’s office directly at 516-868-7778 for an appointment. Robert’s office is located in Merrick, New York. For more information go to the top this page and select “Readings” from the menu.


I don't understand what the difference is between a Group and Private reading?

Group readings are in a group setting of about 25 people and are held in Robert’s studio in Merrick, NY. In a group reading Robert communicates with those who have passed and gives messages he says are Love Letters to the Living. Robert will read from the group, individual readings are not guaranteed. During the reading, Robert will try to read or communicate with as many people as he can.

Circle of Spirits readings are semi-private and only 6 people will be allowed in the reading. All 6 people will be read. You can sign up by yourself, or bring a friend or two. This is our most popular reading. These readings are held in Robert’s studio in Merrick NY or by Zoom online and telephone.

Private readings are one-on-one readings with Robert in his studio in Merrick, NY or by Zoom online and telephone.


What types of payments are accepted?

Cash payments only are accepted at the door. Robert does accept Paypal payments for reservations online. You do not have to have a Paypal account, we accept most credit card options through Paypal.


How long of a wait is recommended after the death of a loved one to receive optimal After Death communication?

This depends on a number of things, however, Robert recommends waiting anywhere between 3 and 6 months.


Does Robert do readings involving my future prospects rather than just After Death communication?

All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Robert’s forte’ is the “other side” readings. However, if that is not your objective in a private setting, then you can request that your time be spent on an intuitive reading. That would entail information about what is going on in your life at this moment and going forward.

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