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In spiritual practice, the reference to the clouds always captures the attention of many. From the view of earth, clouds cast a powerful and moving appearance. They can range from white and soft (ease and calm), to dark thunderheads (stress and worry). These images represent the movement of thought in all human beings. Simply, some days we are light and free of all burdens, and other days we are struggling with concern and unease.

What is so important to sense, is that despite the great presensce of clouds, they are always changing, lifting and spreading. They float through the emptiness of the sky, as your thoughts continue to float through your mind.

This is the great secret. To allow your thoughts to come and go, not holding onto them, nor dwelling on them.

Can you sense the power of this ancient teaching?

Can you share your experience and challenges in letting your thoughts come and go?

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Mary Daveler
Mary Daveler
Mar 22, 2022

I remember being a kid laying on a blanket in our yard and watching the clouds. They became what my mind wanted me to see.

Maggie Marguera
Maggie Marguera
Mar 26, 2022
Replying to

Me too...such a simpler time.

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