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Robert E. Hansen Robert E. Hansen
  • Robert E. Hansen, Psychic Medium and intuitive counselor approaches his clients with insight, humor, love and compassion as he leads them toward healing and inner peace. Robert has a solid reputation for being able to communicate with those who have passed and give messages that he says are, "Love Letters to the Living." He didn't recognize this gift until later on in life and has dedicated his time to developing his ability and educating himself on different aspects of spirituality. He has become one of New York’s premier Psychic Mediums. Through his “Love Never Ends” workshops, Mr. Hansen offers comfort, hope, and understanding to those who have lost family members and friends.

    Robert Hansen is the father of four children, including an autistic child. He is a practicing Catholic with an expanded "Eastern" perspective that he has integrated into his spiritual life of "meditation, faith, and prayer." His path of spirituality has brought him on a path based on the integration of elements of both eastern and western spiritual perspectives. Robert is a 8th degree black belt in Ju Jitsu, is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has a degree in Elementary Education. Robert was an athletic coach for the Town of Hempstead on Long Island and founded his own martial arts school. His martial arts background has allowed him to work with physically challenged youngsters and spearhead many charity and fundraising programs with non-profit organizations. For over thirty years, Robert has studied throughout the United States and Japan in pursuit of excellence in martial arts, spirituality and psychic communication.

    Robert offers many services to the public which includes Private and Group Readings, Workshops & Seminars, Special Appearances throughout New York, and Fundraisers. Please go to our Services page for more information. Our new Calendar lists all of Robert's monthly events with options for you to register for a seminar/workshop or to get detailed information about a special appearance. If you would like a Private Reading, please do not email us, but call us directly at 516-868-7778.

What is a Medium?

A medium is a person who acts as an intermediary between this life and the afterlife. A medium interprets, dissects and processes information from someone who has passed and presents this information to those who are living. Sensitive to the energy of those who have passed, a medium translates accurate messages and information to family members.

As a medium, Robert is sought after due to his accuracy, compassion and sincerity, that is prevalent in his workshops and readings. Robert approaches his clients with insight, humor, love and compassion as he leads them towards healing and inner peace. Robert has been heard on many radio stations and is a featured headliner at several large pubic venues. His past work with "Parents of Murdered Children" and "The Forever Family Foundation" brings his compassion and amazing gifts to give solace to many bereaved parents. Robert's abilities were studied and documented by Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor at the University of Arizona, director of its Laboratory for Advances of Consciousness and Health, and author of "The Afterlife Experiments." To get more information about how to get a Reading with Robert, go to our Services page »

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